Good Morning Messages, Wishes, Quotes and Pictures

Have you ever been caressed by the rays of the morning sun? The gentle touch that tells you that you’ve probably overslept. Well, that’s a good thing in most cases, especially if it’s the weekend. A night of good sleep is often a precursor to an even better morning. But nothing quite makes your day than a boost. Have you ever woken up to a message that puts a smile on your face and just completely brightens your day? That is the power of a Good morning message especially when it is from a loved one. It has the power to kickstart your day and give you just that additional fuel needed to conquer the rest of it. Good morning messages have the ability to inspire and motivate you, provide sweetness to life and can turn any frown upside down.

These messages are also pivotal at the start of relationships and provide the spark needed to revive a dying affair. They create conducive atmospheres for love to thrive and let people know that you are thinking of them. Good morning messages or wishes can also be sent to friends, family or even your boss at work. It is also a way of bringing happiness and encouragement to your life and that of a loved one, as well as making a significant impact.

Here are some examples of Good morning messages;

Good morning messages to your Partner:


While I slept, I dreamt of you. Now I’m awake, I get to see you. There’s no better feeling. Good morning my love.


We were separated by the night and brought together by the morning. Good morning darling.


You inspire me in every way and thinking about you motivates me, I’m lucky to have you. Good morning.


The icing on the cake to an otherwise perfect morning is knowing I’ll get to see you later. Good morning.


Thank you for loving me and thank God for an opportunity again today to love you back. I love you. Good morning.


Our love blossoms because it is brightened with rays of sunshine the morning brings. I love you. Good morning.


I never understood how beautiful it was to love somebody so perfectly until I met you. Good morning my love.


I love you more everyday. My love for you blooms with each new day. Good morning.

Good Morning Wishes Messages to Friends:


Dear friend, Friendship is a choice, and I choose ours over and over again, everyday. Good morning.


As the days are endless so is my admiration for you dear friend. You’re one in a million! Good morning.


We have overcome a lot and it’s amazing how much we have grown together, I’m proud of you dear friend. Good morning.


You inspire me daily, I just want you to know I’m rooting for you all the way. You will do great things! Good morning.

Good Morning Wishes Messages for Motivation:


You are only as strong as your biggest challenge, the bigger the challenges, the stronger you get. Good morning.


We all have locked up in us the potential to win. Challenges break the locks and release that part of us. The bigger the challenge, the greater the achievement. Good morning.


We won’t know how fast we can run until we’re chased down by a cheetah. You won’t know your capabilities until you’re faced with a challenging situation. Good morning.


Life experiences bring out the lion in the cub, no matter the challenge you face, the end product will be a stronger, wiser and more experienced you. Good morning.

Good morning wishes with flowers

Every flower has its own special meaning. They are symbol of love, happiness, beauty, hope, faith, purity. Flowers are the best thing to make someone’s day good. Here are some very beautiful good morning wishes images with flowers.