Goodbye Messages

Saying goodbye is not easy, especially when you may never see the person again. Memories keeping coming back to you like a rush of wind. You think about elementary school and how he always stood up for you; protected you from the bullies. Then came High school, and literally made his family decide against moving away when his father got a job overseas. It was easy to go to college together, and now, you’re both men and he needs to pursue his dreams of becoming a wildlife photographer.

It was impossible to say NO when National Geographic called him about the offer, he’ll be moving to South Africa. As much as you want him to stay, you know moving over will make him such a happy man, and as long as he’s happy, you’re happy. You’ve both agreed you won’t see him off to the airport, the pain will be too much. Plus you don’t want him changing his mind, do you? Bottom line is, he has been a friend anyone would’ve wished for. But how do you bid him farewell? How do you wrap all your thoughts in a single goodbye message? How do you tell him how you feel, without giving him a reason to stay?

Maybe in your case, it is a long-term girlfriend pursuing her dreams. Of course she wanted you to go along, but you’re just a tad much traditional and need to run the family business. We already know how difficult LDRs can be. How do you say what you need to say in the best possible way?

Well, we’ve put together a few tips for you.

Goodbye/Farewell Messages for a Parting Friend

I never thought a time like this would come; when I’d saying goodbye to you. I had pictured my kids growing up next to yours and starting off beautiful memories that will last as much as ours. I always knew I never deserved you. The world needs to get a bit of your awesomeness as well. All the best my friend. Farewell.

I just thought about sophomore year in school. Remember when I was admitted to the hospital for a terrible fever? You refused to leave my bedside, even missed a test just so we’d both write it together again. That’s the kind of person you are, and the world is blessed to have you. Can’t wait to see those up close pictures of the wild. Take care, my friend.

Goodbye/Farewell Messages for a Parting Lover

I’d rather watch you leave and fulfil your childhood dreams than stay for me and be unhappy. It’s a choice we’ve made, and as long as you’re happy, we’ll be alright. Take care, my love.

I know you’ll be thousands of miles away, but I’m certainly not letting you out of my heart. That’s where you belong, and it’s where you’ll always belong. I’ll be waiting when you return. Farewell, my love.

It feels like a part of me is leaving. As much as I want you to stay, I have to let you go. I’ll find comfort in the memories we’ve shared; holding hands, dancing in the rain, lying on the rooftop, just listening to the stars. There’s one I won’t remember, passing short notes to you because I intend to do that everyday for as long as you’re away. I do hope you come back someday. I love you babe, I always will. Take care.

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