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Some of us want to be held by the ones we love especially when we sleep. Others do not mind being held, but for a few minutes. The rest of us are not even interested in being cuddled; I mean, we are tired and so we need to go to bed! No matter the side of the fence you are seated on, there is one thing we cannot refuse or reject; Goodnight Messages. Now, there are ways that Goodnight Message can be constructed to suit each person in terms of personality, preference and taste; but I am yet to see someone who received a goodnight message and did not either smile, reply or do both.

Now, let’s assume that your “special person” is not around you; maybe lives in another city or went away on a journey or to college for a certain period of time. You would want to feel like the person is around you, especially when going to bed. This is one of the important reasons why we send Goodnight Messages.

Goodnight Message with bonfire

Another reason is to make the person feel valued. This is especially in platonic relationships between friends. There is so much going on in the world today that people barely make it to the next day. Some people wake up feeling on top of the world and at the end of the day, they return home stressed and disillusioned. Sending a goodnight wish to a friend is a thoughtful way of making the person feel important and appreciated.


Tips for sending goodnight Messages

A few things to note when sending goodnight wishes include:

  1. Keep it simple: There is a fine line between being loving and becoming borderline creepy. Things like overemphasizing a phrase, or exaggerating a particular quality might take away from the goodnight wish and even arouse suspicions in the recipient’s mind. When a goodnight message is highly embellished, it loses its essence. You might as well just not send that goodnight message.
  2. Make it heartfelt: As much as simple is better, making a goodnight wish heartfelt is also important because it endears the recipient to you, whether a platonic friend or your partner. A way to make a goodnight wish heartfelt is to mention something about the person’s day. Now, hold on! Like I said earlier, keep it simple and less creepy. So, if the person is your platonic friend, a simple goodnight-message would go a long way. If it is your partner, you can go as intimate as you want to go. This is also a great starter for some people to have some “action” later in the night or even in the morning. Send messages that can make a girl blush right down to her toes.

Examples of Goodnight messages

It was lovely seeing you again and to share those beautiful high school memories. We should do this again sometime soon. Have a lovely night.


Whenever I make you smile, your eyes light up brighter than the stars outside your window tonight. I hope you have dreams as sweet as you are. Goodnight.

Are you wearing that Kitten nightdress tonight, babe? I wish I was there to watch you roll on the bed till your nightdress exposes your beautiful body. Have a goodnight, love.

Good night wish

Whoever it is you are sending a good night wish to, a last tip is to be creative with the message. Now, send that goodnight wish and keep the fire kindling!

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