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There are many things that can happen on a journey. For instance, A bad journey could result from a number of things like having a flat tyre midway, experiencing delays at the airport, or just sitting beside a lousy weirdo who won’t stop talking about weird stuff that weird people talk about. A terrible journey could end in a robbery or even an accident.

My grandfather once told me it is not how soon you get to a destination that counts, but that you get there in the first place- in one piece. “It is a great blessing to go on a journey and return safely,” he’d say. I believe this to be true as accidents happen every day, no matter the type of transportation you use. Whether you ply the roads, or use a ferry or a ship as a mode of transport or fly every now and then, a lot of things can go wrong.

The journey is equally tiring and exciting. We say the happy journey to people who are going to travel. It not only means to enjoy your way, but it has a whole story in it. When we say a happy journey to someone, it means to stay safe and sound during traveling and reach the destination on time. A happy journey is not something that will not make you feel tired, but it is something that has a good reward when it ends. In simple words, saying a happy journey to someone means, travel in a good mood and reach your destination safely.


When going on a journey that will take a minimum of 30 minutes, it is almost a superstition to “pray” for safe travels and even expect people around you to wish you a “safe journey”. You can also send Happy Journey wishes to wish anyone you know that is traveling a safe journey. Whether friends or family or loved ones, you can send this kind of message to show that you remember that the person is going on a journey and that you care.

Examples of Happy Journey Wishes

Even as you step out today, may you have a good trip and may the purpose of your travel be successful. Have a safe journey!


As you have stepped out in one piece, may you return in good health and peace of mind. Have a good trip!


Do not stress about anything; I will miss you. Safe travels.


I wish you did not have to go so soon; but I know I will see you back here shortly. Have a safe trip, my love.


May the roads be smooth and the skies be blue… may the scenery be evergreen even as you go on this trip. See you soon, babe!


I know you are terrified of flying and I can imagine how you cringed as the plane taxied off the runway. I miss you. Have a lovely trip, darling.


Hurry up and get back here, babe. It is not an order; it is a plea because I miss you so much already even though you just left. I can’t wait to see you! Have a safe trip.


It is a blessing to go out and come back safely. I know you will come back safely even as you have gone out. Have a safe trip, my love.


With “Safe journey” messages, you can be generic and also be specific. Mentioning the purpose of the travel that the person is embarking on can also be as endearing because it shows that you are quite thoughtful enough to remember the little details that concern the person. Nice, eh?

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