I Miss You Messages

There are times when the absence of our loved ones leaves us with nothing but loneliness and emptiness. In such moments, we want to reach out to them and just let them know how we feel and want to be close. If you’ve ever had to watch your lover go off to college or go on an official trip, you should understand what I’m talking about. But all you have are words. Words to express how incomplete you feel without them being around you.

Miss you dear
Miss you Soooooo much

However, in most cases, words fail us. Even the best of us. We struggle to get the right words or lines to truly reflect our emotions. This can be a very troubling situation; the frustration resulting from our inability to express our true emotions in words.

I miss you love
I am missing you right now

While that is a problem, there are several ways you can let your feelings show. Here are a few examples of I miss you messages you can share with your partner;

I miss you. I don’t know what else there is to say
I miss you

Examples of I Miss You Messages

Every passing moment reminds me of how incomplete I am, how I was before I met you. Meeting you brought great brightness into my world. But now that you are not here, I am left to the claws of loneliness, left to clumsily find my way in the dark world I now find myself in. I really wish you were here and I miss the rays of your Sunshine. I’m incomplete without you. I need you.


Woke up this morning feeling empty. I knew I was missing something; a part of me that lights up my day, a part of me that makes my everyday so beautiful and colorful. A part that completes me. That part is you my love. Being here without you creates a void in me.


Spoken words can never express how much I miss u on this day, and I wish you were here right next to me. With you so far from my reach, nothing seems to be real anymore. Not even my smile is real. The only thing real is that I have no one to cuddle, no one to share my moments with. I am dying to see you baby


Here I lay on my bed on this lonely night thinking about your beautiful smile. Trying to remember; even if it is just for a moment what you look like when you laugh, what the perfume you wear smells like, what your lips taste like when we kiss, how your eyes glow when you are excited, how funny your face looks when you are mad, and how peaceful you look when you sleep. I miss these moments my love, and I wish to be just where you are. Miss you my love


I thought to myself that I will be just fine, since you are going away for just a few days. Little did I understand that being without you for a day feels like a lifetime. It feels so lonely and gloomy without you here. I can’t wait to have you back in my arms. I wish you were here.


Meeting you has made my life so meaningful. Having you around me has been so blissful. Sharing my moments with you has been so wonderful. But now that you’re not here, having to eat my meals alone feels awful. Not being able to share my day with you feels terrible. I hope to be with you real soon. Miss you so dearly.


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