Sweet Dreams Wishes

Imagine you had a stressful day; it began with you getting late to work and then everything else just started to turn out badly. You manage to survive the whole day, and just as you are about to go to bed, you get an indication on your phone that you have a message. You open the message, and smile just before your head hits the pillow and you fall asleep. It is such a beautiful thing to get a message from someone just before you go to bed. It shows that someone is thinking about you, and not only that, the person is sending you good thoughts throughout the night. You can send sweet dreams wishes to your friends, family and your loved ones. These sweet dreams messages should be sent in the evening, obviously, as this is when the recipient will be getting ready to go to bed.

Examples of sweet dreams wishes you can send include;

Sweet Dreams Wishes To Friends:

You must have had a stressful day, and you need a well deserved rest. Good night and sweet dreams, dear.

I hope this night brings you comfort and peace; never forget that tomorrow is a new day. Sweet dreams.

A new day starts with the rising of the sun for a reason. Forget about the pressures of the past and of today. Tomorrow will be a better day! Sweet dreams.


Sweet Dreams Messages To Family:

It’s good to be thankful for a good dayneywork. Hope you had a great one? Sweet dreams.

I just wanted to check up on you and wish you sweet dreams.

Rest easy, because you have survived the day. Have a good night and sweet dreams.

Sweet Dreams Messages To Lovers:

Baby, you are priceless. I just wish I could shout it from the mountain tops how much I am in love with you. Have a good night and sweet dreams.

I know you had an unexpected day. I’m thankful that I got to share the day with you, and I just want to tell you to have sweet dreams, my love.

Hey sweetie, I didn’t hear from you anymore. Hope your trip was good? Please reply me, if you can, when you get this message. Sweet dreams, love.

Sweet dreams images with poetic messages


With messages like these, whether to friends or family or your partner that will make them smile, you can never go wrong. Just ensure that you send the message at a time when you know the person can see the message last thing at night or first thing in the morning.

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