Thank you messages

Being appreciative is an endearing trait to have, especially in our world today. The elderly say that people in this generation are becoming less patient, less caring and less appreciative. Now, I know you may not agree with this statement, but when last did you say “Thank you” or “I appreciate it/this/you” and really mean it? If you paused a little longer than necessary, then you understand why we are believed to be a less appreciative generation.

On the other hand, “thank you” is one of the most flippant phrases used today, if it is even used at all. People use “thanks” as a suffix to a request not because they mean it, but because it just sits right with the sentence. “Thank you!” (depending on how well you stress it) is even used to buttress a point in an argument or debate. But that is not how it is supposed to be.


How to Write A Thank You message

  • “Thank you” should be heartfelt:
    Remember that time you went out of your way to get that gift for that friend and then the person took the gift without looking at you, said a flippant “Thanks” and moved on to the next thing? How did you feel? This scenario just describes the difference between being thankful and the opposite. It is not just the phrase that matters. Just as you know when the sun is shining because you can feel the heat or the brightness of its rays, that is the same way you can tell if someone (or even yourself) is being thankful.
  • Gesture:
    A good way of giving and receiving a heartfelt “thank you” is by the gesture that accompanies it. Locking eyes, giving a hug or a smile, a soft touch, a handshake; these always drive your point home whenever you say “thank you”. Use gestures the next time you want to say “thank you” and you will see the difference!
  • Words:
    Just like sending a love message, expressing your thanks using words other than “thank you” can be a sweet and impressive way of showing appreciation. Now, when using words, be creative. Always tell the person the reason why you appreciate the gift or the act that you are thankful for. This will be more endearing and not cliché. Another great thing to note is when using your words to say “thank you”, use a mixture of long and short sentences. The long sentence is like feeding the person with appreciation and the short sentence is like allowing the person breathe with a smile! You get it?

Some examples of “Thank you” messages

I got out of my meeting with the external auditors feeling exhausted and got to my office only to meet a lunch pack ordered by you sitting pretty on my desk. Thank you so much. You are a lifesaver! You cannot imagine how famished I was after the meeting; it felt like you knew! I really appreciate it, love. Thank you!

You are one person I can call for help, or just to rant and talk about my crazy day, at anytime, any day. Thank you for always being there!

Thank you for the other day when I was strapped for cash. I know how dire these times are, yet you lent me the money without asking. I’m grateful!

Now the above examples show how you can get creative with your thank you messages. It is said after all, that “thank you” opens doors faster than a doorman!

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