Wedding Wishes/Messages

For so many people, getting married is a dream come true. The wedding celebrations, all bright and colorful; the flowers and music; guests, family and friends; and the thought of spending the rest of your life with the one you love- amazing feeling right? I thought so. These are the reasons a wedding is such a special occasion. In fact, it is one box ticked from their checklist. It is the best day in the life of so many people. That is why we always want to be around on that special day, and share in their joy and excitement.

But sometimes, this is not possible as we may be hundreds of miles away or caught up with some official emergency. One of the easiest things we can do in times like this is to send wedding wishes to them showing we are sharing that we care, and sometimes offer words of prayers, encouragement and felicitation to the newly wedded couple.

However, coming up or expressing our thoughts with these messages can be a problem in lots of cases. We just can’t seem to find the words.

There is a difference between knowing what to say and how to say it. It’s a good thing you’re reading this post as we have put together a number of wedding messages that can suit that purpose and really show that you care.

Wedding Wishes for Loved Ones

The future is never certain for anyone, but the existence of love is certain. As you seal your union today, may your trust in love fill your tomorrow and forever with happiness and peace. Happy married life.


The rings you exchange today are round in shape; this symbolizes completeness. May the new life you begin together today be filled with complete peace, happiness, and fruitfulness. Wish you a happy and fruitful married life.

Wine gets better with age, and so will your marriage. I celebrate with you today too as you seal your bond. May the sweetness of this new wine flow for ever in the new life of love you have begun. Happy married life.

There are moments in life that are so rare and mark a new beginning. Marriage is one of such moments. I celebrate you on this special day as you begin this journey of love. May the joys of this wonderful day stay fresh always. Happy married life.

It’s your wedding day! I rejoice with you as you begin this journey of forever with your better half. May the fire of love which has brought you this far burn brightly forever in this new life you have just begun. Wish you a happy married life.


If I am asked to give a perfect example of best friends to the world; it will be the two of you. Despite your imperfections as individuals you have been able to form that perfect bond of love. I celebrate with you today and my wish for you is that this perfect bond will never be broken. Happy married life to you dear friends.

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